dingyichen (dingyichen) wrote,

Thinkpad is not as durable as before.

I remembered a few years ago there was an AD that showed how durable the thinkpad was by pouring water on it and slam it on the ground.

However, my personal experience shows otherwise, the first one is t60, after 1 year, the battery can only last 30 minutes, harddisk started making great voice, and sound card have broken sound.

I obtained the second one, t510, last year and thing got worse. 'a' key was not very responsive after a few months usage, and the display area have broken into 3 pieces when my wife tried to pick the computer up.

My latest one is still a t510, obtained 3 months ago. Well, 'i' key is not very responsive....
Let's hope no other misfortune fell upon it.
Tags: fragile, lenovo, think pad
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